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A dry shampoo with actual hair benefits? Shut the front door! Our HG Dry Shampoo isn’t just here to absorb excess oil or add MAJOR volume to whatever-day hair (although, it’ll totally do both those things). It’s also going to naturally nourish and strengthen strands with an ingredients list full of hair-loving good stuff.


Rosemary Oil encourages scalp circulation, while Saw Palmetto prevents hair fall out and Nettle Leaf strengthens strands. The genius natural ingredient mopping up that oil? That’s Rice Starch, and it doubles as a volume-boosting powder for roots, too. Hold off wash day that little longer, babe.



  • The fact it removes oil build up without drying/stripping the hair and scalp*
  • The 177% instant boost in volume**
  • The fact it extends the life of colour treatments by 50%***
  • 100% would recommend to a friend****

Bondi Boost HG Dry Shampoo

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