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Unlock Your Future by Web 3.0 -
2-Day Certified Workshop on Machine Learning, AI, NLP and Memory Science for Sustainable Monthly Income

Unlock the secrets to a sustainable monthly income with the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Why Attend?

Accelerated Learning

Dive deep into machine learning and AI in just two days, guided by industry experts.


Earn a valuable certification to showcase your expertise and open new opportunities.

Practical Skills

Gain hands-on experience with real-world projects to apply your knowledge immediately.

What You'll Learn

1- Fundamentals of Machine Learning and AI

Understand the core concepts and principles behind these cutting-edge technologies.

3- Building and Training Models

Learn how to design, train, and fine-tune machine learning and deep learning models.

2-Data Preprocessing and Feature Engineering

Prepare and transform data to train and optimize machine learning models.

4- Monetization Strategies

Discover how to leverage your skills to generate a sustainable monthly income.

Networking Opportunities


Network with industry professionals and potential collaborators.


Unlock new ideas and opportunities through shared knowledge.


Expand your professional network and open doors to new career paths.


Collaborate with like-minded individuals to drive innovation.

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As students, we all face unique obstacles in our studies, but with the right strategies and support, we can succeed.

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Presented by Sunil Yadav,
Founder & CEO at i Robotic Systems.


My VISION to expend “Health 4 Happiness” for everyone's life by contemporary trends “e-Healthcare Edutech Studio” based on the PROACTIVE P4 approach. I wanna share with you about myself as I completed “A Master's in Business Administration in Project Planning in Management” , “Diploma in Digital Marketing & “Artificial Intelligence Marketing” from USA, and am Certified in Nuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science also Certified Consultant in Nutrigenomic exclusively for DNA Screening. My 12-year splendid journey was in Indian Railways & Delhi International Airport New Delhi to serve Nation. Almost 20 Years spent in Corporate ie Voice Process, Automobile Industry, Securities Survellience, Industrial Automation, Aviation, Education, IT & Direct Selling Industry/Financial Consultant. I am fully dedicated to transforming the New STARTUP, STANDUP, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship Enhancement & Women Empowerment to make a revolution to get successful in their life as well as business. I visited to get qualified in Business Resources & Planning from Germany, Hongkong & Singapore rest 20 countries by International educators & Industries Leaders..

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