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Server type Hydrogen Water Generator

Highly concentrated hydrogen water generator that everyone at home or in an office can easily handly



Colorwhite , red
The size of the product(W x H x D)130 X 375 X 282 (main body), (mm)
Concentration of hydrogen water1,000 ~ 1,200ppb

The main body of the hydrogen water generator
The adaptor
The specification and the Certificate



  • MODELPGW-1000
  • COLORwhite , red
  • FEATURES ▪ Regardless of water source [fresh, purified, tap ], it stably produces hydrogen water.
    ▪ It produces highly concentrated hydrogen water of 1,000~1,200ppb, in real time.
    ▪ Its digital control is possible as the high-tech function
    ▪ Cleansing by automatic circulation and the tank with its PP(polypropylene) ensures the perfect hygienic system.

Hydrogen-rich water is produced right away!The PAINO Hydrogen Water Generator immediately produces high-concentrated hydrogen water of 1,000ppb with 0.8L as its maximum.
Unlike other companies’ products that require 10~30 minuites, you can make out hyrogen water right away with it. In busy morning, lethargic afternoon, and exhausting evening, simply create hydrogen water and protect your healtful day.

Hydrogen Water

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  • Since Oota Shigeo at Japan Medical University has said in “Nature Medicine”, a magazine of authority in the world, in 2007, that hydrogen water selectively eliminates active oxygens, papers on the efficiency of hydrogen water in the field of diabetes, cancer, skin aging, atopy, etc. are issued over 200 times.

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