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Originally native to Asia, the lemon tree wasn’t common in Europe until the 16th century. It is part of the evergreen family and reaches a height of about 20 feet. Lemon essential oil is known for its cleansing properties, and it is widely used in skin care and home cleaning solutions for these benefits. Its fresh, zesty aroma also makes it an important top note in perfumes, as well as an effective odor neutralizer when diffused.

Lemon Vitality™ essential oil has a fresh, citrusy flavor and provides immune support and antioxidant properties when taken internally.*

Lemon and Lemon Vitality are the same essential oil.




  • Has a fresh, zesty, citrus aroma

  • Helps neutralize unwanted odors

  • Removes sticky adhesives and residues from non-porous surfaces

  • May support the immune system when taken internally*

  • Contains antioxidants*

  • Diffuse Lemon to neutralize unwanted odors and fill your space with its uplifting and refreshing aroma.

  • Add it to your floor, window, or multisurface cleaning solutions for a boost of aroma and cleaning power.

  • Add it to dishwashing detergent to help clean and deodorize your dishwasher.

  • Add Lemon Vitality to a tall glass of cold water for a fresh, antioxidant-infused drink to start your day.*

  • Add 1–2 drops of Lemon Vitality to a vegetarian gel capsule and take daily for immune support and healthy weight management.*

Lemon Essential Oil

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    Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply to desired area as needed.


    Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times daily.

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