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Alkaline Water Ionizer Automatic Teller Machine

Booster Water ATM is a power pack machine, combining the purification unit, electrolyzing unit and dispensing system in one small, sleek and beautiful yet robust model designed to
work at open market places

Welcome to the healthy, happy and exciting world of drinking Alkaline Water dispensed from a trendy and stylish Booster Water ATM. Whether you own a corporate office, a diagnostic lab, a health clinic, nursing home, hospital or any health n wellness related space where you want to ensure every person consumes clean and healthy Ionized Alkaline water, Welocity Booster Water ATM can be extremely handy. And if it is a commercially operated place such as a mall, gym, school or college premises, Booster Water ATM can truly be a profitable venture.

Cutting-Edge Ionization Technology on Electrolysis Principals
High quality medical grade Platinum Coated Titanium
14 Plates, designed & made in Japan, 7 plates * 2 chambers
0.5 Micron coating of platinum on titanium plates
Specialized Internal Membrane to handle heavy flow rate
Works for water up to 500 TDS
Inbuilt Micro Filters, Carbon with UV that provides clean and bacteria free water
Output capacity 2000 Liters per day
Customized filtration system on basis of input water
The filtration system removes the harmful dissolved TDS matters, bacteria, bad smell, odor, color, fluoride, chlorine, and dangerous contamination
Large display screen that run video ads or promotional videos
Easy installation and operating
Direct connection to Input municipal water
Incase of well water, RO treatment and storage is required
Drainage connection is required to outflow reject water Output alkaline acidic water rate 70 / 30, 60 / 40 depending on input water quality
Daily ionization capacity of 2000 ltr
Output discharge rate of 240 LPH
20 liter jar fills in just 5 mins
Plates capacity: 5.0L+ liter of electrolytic water discharge, depending on water quality and maintenance
Maintenance cost for water filtration system- 0.15 paisa per liter
Easy manual deep cleaning with Citric acid water rotation, keeps the plates clean and efficient with consistent pH and -ORP

Voltage 220V / 50Hz / Single Phase
Operating Pressure 0.1~0.4 Mpa
TDS Input 200 TDS to 500 TDS
TDS Output 150 TDS to 200 TDS
pH 8.5 pH / 9.5 pH
ORP -200 to -400
Micro-Clustered 4 to 6 Molecules per cluster & Hexagonal
Input Water Municipal Water
Output Water Active Hydrogen, Electrolyte Water
Control System Auto intelligent GSM control panel
ATM size 3 x 3 x 6 ft
Automation Fully Automated System
Vending Equipment PCB electronics type
Weight Approx. 300kg
Body Material Side Panels MS powder coated, Front Panel SS 304
Warranty For Full Unit 1 Year

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