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About us
PIONEER & MARKET LEADER IN "NutriGene Balance Therepy”
Image by Yilmaz Akin

Natural i World Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in providing the predictive & preventive healthcare solution under the brand name of Nutrigenomic Well-being Solution designed with a holistic approach to create lasting behavioural and lifestyle changes by addressing the root causes of your current health concerns and by considering all aspects of your health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 


The shift from Reactive to Proactive care


Today, our world of healthcare is quickly transforming from a Reactive to a Proactive System. The healthcare landscape is experiencing a tremendous paradigm shift to a new framework defined by the four Ps (P4) of Healthcare.


The P4 approach to Health and Wellbeing


P4 is defined into four categories: Proactive, Predictive, Preventative, and Personalized Wellbeing Solutions.


These categories are set to modify the existing healthcare paradigm to reduce costs and help move our healthcare system from reactive to preventive and proactive. The active involvement of patients is necessary to guarantee effective self-management.


But why does this reactive approach need to change?  


The reactive approach to healthcare is both expensive, and, to some degree, ineffective in meeting the needs of today’s population, from the healthiest individual to the complex chronically ill.

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