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Bio-Hacking Counselling

Hi Guys! 

I'm Sunil Yadav. In 2019 I launched my company, as a brand "Nutrigenomics Wellbeing Screening Studio", as a solution to healthcare. 
I wanted to answer one question: why does treating patients focus on the disease and not the person?

With two decades of experience, I set an ambitious goal to shift the focus to Proactive patient care 
and to build a company that does just that where every decision is truly made with the patient in mind.
NWSS is about giving patients a clear view of their own health and care. Our goal is to collect 
enough data to be able to predict and prevent outcomes. We have started with helping the Covid-19 population and now have opened up our services to the public. We have also recently partnered with Fit India as well as Startup of India (Govt. of India project), and have a few pilot programs in the works with various healthcare providers.

Happy to join a podcast that wants to discuss:
Healthcare innovation and/or entrepreneurship
Health and wellness
Health technology
The future of healthcare
health monitoring
Healthcare billing/reconciliation
Proactive Healthcare based on new cutting-edge technology


Schedule with me @

Thank you! I look forward to having a conversation with you on air.

Best Regards
Team - Natural i World Pvt Ltd. 


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