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Presented by Sunil Yadav



My VISION to expend “Health 4 Happiness” for everyone's life by contemporary trends “e-Healthcare Edutech Studio” based on the PROACTIVE P4 approach. I wanna share with you about myself as I completed “A Master's in Business Administration in Project Planning in Management” , “Diploma in Digital Marketing & “Artificial Intelligence Marketing” from USA, and am Certified in Nuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science also Certified Consultant in Nutrigenomic exclusively for DNA Screening. My 12-year splendid journey was in Indian Railways & Delhi International Airport New Delhi to serve Nation. Almost 20 Years spent in Corporate ie Voice Process, Automobile Industry, Securities Survellience, Industrial Automation, Aviation, Education, IT & Direct Selling Industry/Financial Consultant. I am fully dedicated to transforming the New STARTUP, STANDUP, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship Enhancement & Women Empowerment to make a revolution to get successful in their life as well as business. I visited to get qualified in Business Resources & Planning from Germany, Hongkong & Singapore rest 11 countries by International educators & Industries Leaders..


Best Regards

 The Next "Wellness Blockchain Technology"
Revolution Begins Here

Did you believe in " Health is Wealth"?

First time in the world from the Silicon Valley project Health can save by your Wealth with Health sharing economy Blockchain-based project 
Join today World's Fastest Industry ---

Under one roof Solution Eco System

Earning potential Daily $ 100 - $5000 

Are you ready to take control of your data?

Be part of the world's first Decentralized Digital Health Ecosystem.  vGeneration proudly introduces inPersona SocialFi, a web3 metaverse platform that rewards positive lifestyle behavior through health data monetization.

The first Web3 dApp that uses your heartbeat to mine crypto. Developed by Vyvo Smart Chain, the platform allows you to wear, share, and earn while being part of the world's first decentralized digital health ecosystem.


Real-time Monitoring Health Technology built-in with Health Mining (Cryptocurrency) " HealthTechFinVerse " ecosystem Project designed by VYVO Group

Get Solution---- 

  • Real-time Health Kundali

  • Personalized Diet plan with a Urine test

  • Decentralized Financial Security Profit Structure

  • Global Exposure with leading Brands like GOOGLE, iPhone, etc

  • Dependency & Liability Zero (Self Control)

  • Inherit business with the best 10 types of Income in the INDUSTRY

  • 10 Year well-Established Group &  40 Yr well-experienced Corporate Team

What you get -- 

Introducing the Future of HealthFinTech with InPersona App!

🌐 Revolutionize Your Health with Apple Smart Watch Technology

Unlock exclusive benefits:
- Own wearable medical sensors for Data Mining Rewards
- Personalized diet plans with a simple urine test
- Decentralized financial security profit structure
- Global exposure with top brands like GOOGLE and iPhone
- Zero dependency and liability for ultimate self-control

💰 Data Ownership Packages:
1. $608 Kit - Profit Rs 4,70,499+ Affiliate Profit Unlimited (10+7%)
2. $1283 Kit - Profit Rs 14,66,000 + Affiliates Profit (10+7%)
3. $2283 Kit - Profit Rs 29,02621/- + Affiliate Profit Unlimited (10+7%)
4. $3283 Kit - Profit Rs 43,69,618/- + Affiliate Profit (10+7%)

🚀 Start Your HealthFinTech Journey for only $299!

Other Benefits:
1. Founder Leader Team
2. Build an international community
3. Core team member position
4. Work with an experienced corporate team
5. International travel incentives/bonus
6. Local events sponsored by us
7. Potential power team under you
8. Monitor your health daily with VYVO Smart device
9. Personalized diet decoding program
10. Virtual call support for global team expansion
11. Weekly earning potential 1-2 Lac & monthly up to 1 Cr.

📲 Get More Information:
- Android: [InPersona App](
- Apple Store: [InPersona Pro](
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🌐 Learn More: [vGenerationIndia](

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🙏 **Best Regards,
Sunil Yadav - International Marketing Manager/Founder - INDIA

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